• abarnes86

Field Notes: Volume 16, Number 2

This Week’s Harvest

  1. Dill

  2. Scallions

  3. Pak Choi

  4. Turnips

  5. Radishes

  6. Strawberries

  7. Summer squash

We ask that our SHAREholders please keep in mind that spring harvests are often “light.” This is a result of small growing space and the earliness of the season.

As the season progresses, summer and fall should bring with them heavier boxes.

The staff at the Ecosystem Farm has pushed this week to get seeds and transplants into the ground, sowing beans and cucumbers, peppers and eggplant, tomatoes and summer squash, before the rains return. Last week, we spoke of finding the perfect planting window in between the rainfall. This week, the same holds true. We have also begun to look for the perfect planting space among other in-the-ground crops, seeding radishes in between rows of scallions in an effort to make creative use of the little dry space we have here.

But amidst the rush of planting, the staff has taken some time out to learn. After all,