• Accokeek Foundation

Field Notes: Volume 16, Number 4

This Week’s Harvest

  1. Dill

  2. Scallions

  3. Garlic Scapes

  4. Head Lettuce

  5. Broccoli

  6. Pak Choi

  7. Kohlrabi

  8. Snap Peas

  9. Strawberries

  10. Summer Squash

While we strive for consistency at the Ecosystem Farm, we ask that our SHAREholders please keep in mind that Friday and Tuesday harvests will not always be the same.

For your convenience, an exact harvest list will be posted in the packing shed.

Although the weather has warmed up, the Ecosystem Farm staff continues to play the waiting game that, in between the mad rushing moments of spring, can characterize life on a farm: waiting for a tractor part, waiting for wet fields to dry, waiting for green tomatoes to turn red. After all, not everything can bring with it the same instant gratification afforded to us by the fast-growing summer squash that has been a part of our harvests these past few weeks; these plants pump out harvestable fruit from a flower in a matter of days. Oftentimes, life calls instead for the same patience that we use when we watch a bed of green tomatoes week after week, waiting for their shoulders to blush.