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Field Notes: Volume 16, Number 6

This Week’s Harvest

  1. Parsley

  2. Garlic Scapes

  3. Head Lettuce

  4. Green Onions

  5. Cucumbers

  6. Summer Squash

  7. Kohlrabi

  8. Beets

While we strive for consistency at the Ecosystem Farm, we ask that our SHAREholders please keep in mind that Friday and Tuesday harvests will not always be the same.

For your convenience, an exact harvest list will be posted in the packing shed.

Things are looking up as the Ecosystem Farm heads into hot weather. While the land could use some rain, and the staff could use an innovative method of controlling those frustratingly prolific squash bugs, work on the farm is rolling along as the staff continues to get high-summer crops—squash and melons; tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers—into the ground. It’s sad to see some of our spring favorites go, but fresh tomatoes are rather enticing (and should, thanks to the plants in our greenhouses, appear in SHAREs soon).

These tomatoes and other summer-season vegetables will take the place, for instance, of lettuce, the last of which was harvested this week. Although the farm’s head lettuce did make it through Wednesday’s heat, the staff wasn’t so sure it would survive Thursday’s near-record-breaking temperatures without bolting and becoming bitter. Strawberry season has also ended, although SHAREholders are welcome to come scavenge for any remaining fruit.