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What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Cow…. Part Two

Guest post by Mama Lynn #108.

Mooooooorning, everyone – Mama Lynn again. And I’m still pregnant.

I know I told you during my last guest post that here at the Accokeek Foundation we try to time baby season for when the fresh spring grass is growing.

Well, the crocuses are peeking out and WE HAVE BABIES.

Like I said, mine’s not here yet. I’m still waddling around. But there are other babies in the field that I get to visit!

devons and calf - mama lynn

Since the sheep were due first, when the end of February rolled around our livestock manager Miss Polly moooved all of the expecting mamas out of the fields and into the barn. We cows don’t usually calve in the barn, unless it’s very snowy – Miss Polly tells us the lambs are mooore at risk from predators, and so it’s much healthier and safer for the little lambs to spend the first part of their lives inside the barn. (But we all know that really it’s just because sheep are wimps compared to cows.)

Photo by Casey Lowe