Teaching the next generation of park stewards

Piscataway Park is a living classroom where generations come together to learn about the environment and the role that people play in shaping the landscape. Our education programs promote regenerative agriculture and agroforestry through inclusive, hands-on visitor engagement, scholarly research, and presentations. Incorporated into every experience is a recognition of community needs, historical context, indigenous knowledge, and farmer expertise.



A K-12 Time Travel Adventure

A perfect way to integrate history and environmental science, Eco-Explorers: Colonial Time Warp is not a tour; it’s an adventure!

As members of a specially appointed Eco-Explorer team, students are engaged in a very important mission to save the earth and change the course of history! A problem arises in real-time when the Eco-Explorer team learns that a group of well-meaning time travelers has recently transported back to the year 1770 to give one family several modern objects that will make their lives easier. But, if left on the farm, some of these objects could set in motion a chain of events that destroys the environment for future generations.

It’s up to the Eco-Explorer team to zoom back to 1770 to recover these items and replace them with colonial items that serve the same function. Along the way they will carefully weigh the positive and negative effects of the modern conveniences to decide whether to confiscate the objects. To make matters more complicated, the Eco-Explorers run into real-life characters who will challenge decisions that the students make and humanize the impact of these decisions. In the process, they learn valuable lessons about the pace and practices of everyday life in a very different era.

The essential question explored in this program is one that we all ask ourselves every day, but which has no easy answer: Which modern inventions are worth the environmental impact that they have?

By the end of this program, students come to learn that we may not have the technology to travel back in time, but by making eco-friendly decisions, they do have the power to change the future.  


Tour Options

Eco-Explorers: Colonial Time Warp

$8/student; $6/Title 1 Schools
80 students maximum (15 minimum)
Eco–Explorers Junior, suitable for grades 2-5
Eco–Explorers Senior, suitable for grades 6-12


Teacher Resources

Now you can explore the Piscataway Park and the National Colonial Farm while never leaving the classroom. Provide us with a few details and your class can access the Eco-Explorers virtual field trip and lesson plan activities detailed below. 


Eco-Explorers Virtual Learning Lesson

Bring the adventure of time travel into your classroom with our Eco-Explorers Virtual field trip experience. Use the pre- and post- visit activities provided to supplement the video below.


Classroom Activity

What are the long term effects of our actions and decisions? Explore the Ripple Effect with students in the classroom before putting those ideas into practice on your field trip.


Classroom Activity

Cement the concepts learned during Eco-Explorers with a wrap-up lesson on the Ripple Effect.